Terms of hosting services

Provision of services FOP Viktorov E.V. represented by “Hosting in Ukraine” (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) is carried out on the basis of the conditions below.

1. All services provided by our company should be used only for legal purposes and not contradict the current Legislation of Ukraine and international legislative acts.

2. The client (hereinafter the Customer) is obliged to comply with the rules for obtaining telecommunication services when using the services of the Contractor, namely:

not to take actions aimed at restricting or preventing other users from accessing services, as well as attempting unauthorized access to the Contractor’s resources and to other systems accessible via the Internet;
not to take actions aimed at sending, publishing, transmitting, reproducing, providing or in any way using information, software or other materials that may infringe on copyright without the corresponding permission of the copyright holder;
Do not publish or transmit through the Internet any information that is contrary to applicable Ukrainian or international law. In particular, this applies to:
information that calls for:
overthrow of the constitutional order;
violation of the territorial integrity of the country;
propaganda for war;
incitement to racial, national, religious hostility;
commission of terrorist acts.
information that contains elements:
humiliation of human honor and dignity.
Do not send spam, do not order or offer spam, including for the purpose of advertising;
3. In the event that spam has been detected from the Customer’s resource hosted on the Contractor’s server, the Customer undertakes to remove this resource / site within 6 hours.

4. In addition to the restrictions described above, on the Contractor's virtual hosting servers, the following resources are also prohibited:

Warez, backdoor, crack resources;
PROXY, VPN or tunnels;
applications that are used on social networks;
sites dedicated to cs, wow, la2 games, and all other games (all games, regardless of name, type, genre, etc.). The exception may be information sites, clan forums, etc.
casinos, betting sites;
sites of financial pyramids, sites devoted to the organization of MMM, sites of “mutual assistance”;
sites advertising financial pyramids;
sites promoting illegal activities;
sites distributing smoking mixtures and narcotic substances, or sites advertising similar activities;
sites distributing tablets and other medications, or sites advertising similar activities;
phishing sites (clones of existing sites);
pornographic sites, webcam sites, escort services sites;
card sharing services;
IRC scripts and bots;
proxies and anonymizers;
network scanners;
monitoring of game and other servers;
game databases (for the distribution of cards, weapons, etc.);
online chats and online calls;
programs for password selection (brute force);
scripts for spamming;
online cinemas and radio;
file hosting or torrent trackers, as well as software related to them;
CVV code databases
lotteries, gambling sites.
5. ABUSE (Abuses, complaints)

The Customer undertakes to eliminate the reasons due to which the Contractor received the Abuza on the Service ordered by the Customer within the allotted time specified in the notice of this abuse.

If more than 3 (three) of the same type of abuses are received within one month for one of the services ordered by the Customer (domain name, virtual hosting, virtual server, dedicated server), access to the services will be completely blocked and / or the data stored on the account will be deleted with an additional with or without notice. The exceptions are abuses (complaints) of spam when the service can be blocked after the second complaint of the same nature is received, as well as abuses (complaints) of the Botnet Controller nature when the service or service is blocked instantly without the possibility of its restoration.

If the IP address is blacklisted (blacklisted, blacklists) SBL, Spamhaus, AOL, the Contractor reserves the right to block the IP address without the possibility of restoration.

6. Viruses

If the Contractor’s employees detect viruses in the client’s account, the employees send a notification to the client’s email address about viruses, shell scripts or other malware found. The client is obliged to respond as soon as possible to the letter and clear his account of viruses. The lack of a response to the letter within 24 hours will lead to the blocking of the client's account. The account is blocked for a while until appropriate measures are taken by the client.

The client is obliged to use a complex password, which will be difficult for an attacker to find, as well as use all available security systems that prevent the use of login and password. Such measures may include:

restrict FTP access from specific IPs Addresses
the use of two-factor protection with one-time passwords.
7. Use of resources

The user must not:

Exceed the number of simultaneously running processes in the account, limits for tariffs.
Run any type of search indexer on shared hosting servers. The exception is search engines that index exclusively subscriber sites.
Perform SQL queries that run for more than 10 seconds. MySQL tables must use the correct indexes.
The ability to connect to a MySQL server not from shared hosting servers is provided only for database maintenance.
Use virtual servers KVM, OpenVZ and Windows for mining cryptocurrencies
Create increased load on OpenVZ virtual servers: average LA per hour should not exceed 5.0
Create increased load on KVM virtual servers: average LA per hour should not exceed 10.0
8. Additional conditions:

After the shared hosting account has expired, the data is stored on the server for 14 days. After this period they will be permanently deleted. The client account is stored on the server for 30 days after the last service is deactivated.